Error-free BAS

A business activity statement (BAS) form reports various information to the ATO to determine the tax obligation for a business taxpayer. The reporting may include the following information for a particular period:


  • Sales/turnover
  • GST collected & paid
  • Wages & PAYG withholding
  • PAYG installments
  • Fuel tax credit


If you run a business and have monthly or quarterly BAS obligations, our expert BAS accountant can help you. When we lodge your BAS, we will make sure you minimise your net tax obligations.


We are are reputable BAS agent in Australia and deal with the ATO to look after your monthly or quarterly tax obligations.

Scope of Service

We have an experienced team of taxation experts who help our clients with Business Activity Statement Preparation. We serve the following business structures:


  • Small/Medium Businesses: Our simple BAS process means we work with your bookkeeper or financial controller. We will create a structure and provide advice regarding GST, fringe benefits tax, PAYG, and more. When you lodge your BAS with us, we receive an extra 4 weeks to lodge and pay, helping you manage your cash flow.


  • Startups: If you are a startup registered for GST, we will help lodge a BAS quarterly so that you can avoid penalties. This helps you maximise your profits. We will take care of all your BAS requirements, such as preparing an error-free lodgement so you can focus on running your business.


  • Sole Trader/Contractors: It can be challenging to comply with BAS obligations. We simplify the process and train you to keep records to avoid bookkeeping fees, saving you time and costs.


Always on Time

We never miss a deadline. Our large team is prepared to give a helping hand at the time of BAS lodgement.

Precision Matters

We ensure that the information provided in your BAS is accurate and all accounts have reconciled.

Clear Understanding and Communication

We work closely with you, understand your business’s specific needs, and provide comprehensive solutions for all your BAS requirements.

Our Advantage

Trustworthy BAS agents

Our well-trained and experienced BAS agents take the time to collect and report accurately so you are protected.

Save costs

We are qualified Chartered Accountants with industry awards and accreditations in our expertise.

Increase your profit

By taking care of all your BAS requirements, we let you concentrate on your business where it really matters.