Gain maximum benefits from your estate

Estate planning arranges a person’s assets to be managed and distributed after death or incapacitation. It ensures the rights and ownership are transferred to the right person. We understand how overwhelming this can be, especially without formal property transfers.


Estate planners are responsible for reducing taxation and other expenses so that the estate gets maximum value. We ensure that your assets are managed and transferred as per your desires in the best possible tax-effective and financially efficient manner. Our efficient estate planning ensures that your loved ones are protected.

Scope of Service

We are the best estate planning services in Sydney, offering our services to:

  • Individual: We design effective estate plans that serve your needs during your lifetime and protect the financial future of your loved ones. We draft an updated plan, where your estate is distributed to your family as per your wishes


  • Sole Trader: Estate planning is essential since it forms a significant part of your wealth. It can be a crucial income source for your family after your death, especially if it is tied up with your business. An effective estate plan will ensure that your business is transferred to the next generation as you desire or sold for a desired price after you have gone.


  • Firms: If you run your business through a company, you must have a shareholder agreement in place to transfer or sell your shares in the company after your death. Your will can pass your company’s shares to your beneficiaries but not any business assets like property. We have helped many clients carefully draft a shareholder agreement and a will.


  • Trusts:  In Australia, many businesses run through the Family Trust. The Trust Deed determines who controls the trust in the case of a death. A trust deed should be reviewed by an estate planner, so control of the trust goes to the intended person.


Complete Protection

By ensuring that your will is up-to-date, we protect your family’s inheritance.

Excellent Team

Our team will develop an effective estate plan to enable a fair and tax-efficient distribution of your assets.

Focus on Priority

We may establish an enduring power of attorney. We also create testamentary trusts for tax purposes and the protection of significant assets.

Our Advantage

We provide our clients with these benefits:

We are your trusted partners

As your long-term partners in effective estate planning, we ensure your loved ones are protected in the future and your assets are distributed to them legally as per your desire. 

Our team is highly-experienced

We have years of experience managing thousands of estates and are well-versed in all aspects of estate planning and management.

Peace of mind

We work with you and your lawyer with strong consideration to your personal, family, and business needs and ensure a smooth transfer of your business and personal assets in the best possible way.