Clear your monthly tax worries

Outsourcing payroll services ensures you pay their salaries in the most efficient manner. Remember, nothing annoys an employee more than not getting paid on time or getting a disorganized and confusing payslip.


We are here to manage your payments and eliminate your headache with payroll.


External payroll services not only save your precious time but are also cost-effective.  We offer payroll solutions in Sydney as we have a strong team of experts who will understand your company’s exact needs and take care of all the salary and tax payments.

Scope of Service

The demand for payroll services in Sydney has grown significantly among small and medium-sized firms for one-stop payroll solutions.

This timely service is what makes us one of the best.  We process salaries on a fixed day every month and handle income-related queries from employees.


Other services include:


  • Single Touch Report (STP) processing & Super Stream ready
  • Small Business Super Clearing House (SBSCH) processing
  • Timesheet processing
  • Implementation of process for annual leave & long service leave calculation
  • Settling all claims of resigning employees


Advanced Technology

Our involvement with advanced technology makes payroll smooth and organised.

Best Strategy

We create a roadmap for your payroll and create the best path for your system.


We conduct a thorough audit ensuring all calculations are accurate and concise.

Our Advantage

i-accountant provides the best payroll outsourcing in Sydney. Work with us to worry less about reporting and processing payments on time.

Affordable services

We are startup-friendly, catering payroll solutions for small and medium-sized firms.

Committed team

Complex calculations are looked after by our team of experts, who continually maintain records and eliminate employee payment delays.

Precise payments

We deliver 100% accuracy in payments within a prompt timeframe.