Preparing you for your next job

We help independent contractors by understanding your business in-depth to improve your income. i-accountant understands the challenges you face and provides a wide array of services to solve them and run your business smoothly.

Scope of Service

Our exceptional accountants have worked with many Australian contractors.


  • Business & Tax Consulting: Our tax solutions allow you to run your business as planned, minimising your tax liabilities and increasing your profit.


  • Tax Lodgment: Avoid unnecessary penalties with our prompt tax lodgements with the ATO.


  • Record Keeping: We help you record business income and expenses, and are ready to lend a hand with bookkeeping.



By enabling you to run your business efficiently, we will help expand your business and grow your profits.

Always Ready to Help

We are prepared to tackle anything, all the way from messy accounts to tax advice.

10 Years of Experience

We guarantee a seamless accounting system with our team's expertise, helping you overcome any challenge.

Our Advantage

Readily available

We are a leading Australian accounting firm, servicing numerous independent contractors with our comprehensive accounting and tax solutions.

Industry-standard compliance

Our experienced team will set up the best accounting practices for your business, manage your taxes efficiently, and help you remain compliant.

Boost business performance

We partner with you and give you the ability to make profitable decisions by keeping your financial records up-to-date and prepare periodic statements to keep your business on track.