Integrity and accuracy

i-accountant is the one-stop finance solution hub. Our accountants and tax specialists are among the best in the industry who strongly believe in growing wealth. A manager with years of experience will onboard, nurture, and educate you at every step, and answer your queries.

Scope of Service

Our accounting and taxation services will assist anyone struggling with accounts:


  • Tax Return: Engaging with i-accountant means we minimise any tax and any overcharging you might encounter compared to when you lodge independently.


  • Property Tax Accounting: Rely on i-accountant for your comprehensive property tax advice. We help you gain the best return from your investment, whether you are a first-time investor or developer.


  • Estate Planning: We design effective estate plans that serve your needs during your lifetime and protect the financial future of your loved ones. We will ensure your will is up-to-date and your estate distributed to your family as per your wishes.



We an effective strategy in place based on your current & future financial outlook

Quick & Responsive

We pride ourselves in competitive turnaround times for whatever requirements you need.

Top-class Talent

Overcome your financial hurdles with the expertise of our talented team.

Our Advantage

We are among Australia's leading accounting firms and are proud to have 100% client satisfaction from our top-quality services.

Diverse client base

Our wide range of clients and extensive experience for tax or personal finance has played a role to our success, discovering specialised solutions through creativity.

Advanced technology

On top of our expert team, we stay up-to-date with technology and provide sharp results for clients.

Affordable services

Keeping up with technology saves time and costs. These savings are passed to you, where you gain the benefit of a chartered accountant.