Minimise your risk exposure

A discretionary trust is used for asset protection. Its main goal is to quarantine risk to the trust, whereas a family trust with a corporate trustee provides effective protection. If you are running your business using a trust or planning to set one up, please contact us and one of our trust specialists will look after you.

Our services for Trusts

As a leading Australian accounting firm with years of experience dealing with various trusts, we offer the following services:


  • Business and Tax consulting: Our skilled asset protection experts help manage your trust efficiently and help you comply with the laws governing trustees and management of trusts.


  • Review Trust Deed: After the Bamford Case (Bamford v. FCT [2010] HCA 10) the landscape for the trust has changed. ATO heavily regulates the use of trust to ensure they are not used as tax evasion tool. We can review your deed and sort out any pitfalls.


  • Estate Planning: Asset protection extends family wealth into the next generation and is often overlooked. An appointer can replace a trustee and control the trust. i-accountant will take the time to review and update your deed with our specialists in asset protection.


Always up-to-date

If your deed needs updating, or your current account isn't aware of it, we want to help you out.

Efficiency in Motion

Precision is our expertise, and we will always offer you 100% satisfaction.

Wealth Maximisation

We maximise your family wealth through our expert consultations.

Our Advantage

i-accountant has been assisting several trusts in Australia and has years of experience taking care of their accounting and taxation issues:

Reduce tax liability

We work as your partner to reduce tax liabilities with a trust and beneficiaries, while providing specialised estate planning for your future.

Industry standard compliance
We manage your financial and taxation affairs to keep you aligned with regulations.
Expert guidance

Our team guides you towards profitable decisions, keeping your taxes low.