Pay no more extra tax

Our dedicated team of taxation experts will look into your specific requirements and help you navigate any compliance issues confronted by your business. We have 10 years of experience dealing with these audits:


  • Income tax audit
  • GST audit
  • Super Guarantee audit
  • FBT audit
  • Payroll tax audit
  • SMSF audit

Scope of Service

We are a reputable Chartered accountant offering these tax audit services to clients:


  • Individual: If you receive a letter from the ATO, don’t panic. They are likely cross-checking flagged or suspicious transactions, reviewed several times by their technology. If you have lodged the tax return independently or your accountant and are facing an audit, please contact us to review your tax return.


  • Small/Medium Business: If you have complex transactions or expecting an audit, please contact us as soon as possible. We will commence a tax risk assessment that can save your business if detected in the early stage. If you are under an audit and unhappy with your current accountant, please contact us for a free consultation. We will thoroughly review your accounts & tax returns, and liaise with the ATO for the best outcome.


Risk Mitigation

Our tax audit experts manage your taxation risk, your local and international tax issues, and develop customised strategies to prevent future problems.

Simplified Process

We simplify complicated taxation laws and provide timely, cost-effective solutions

Meets All Obligations

We help you meet all your annual tax obligations and monitor changes, so you benefit from upcoming opportunities.

Our Advantage

We have gained the trust of thousands of clients by providing:

Ten years experience

We have 10 years’ experience in various tax audits. We know when to push, when to negotiate and when to surrender.

Gain peace of mind

With our professional tax audit service, operate your business smoothly without worrying about your tax obligations.

Expert tax advice

Our tax specialists always keep themselves updated with the latest tax legislation. We provide the best possible tax solutions and structures for your business, decreasing your liabilities and increasing you assets.