i-accountant is the one-stop solution for all your tax and accounting issues.

We are here to smoothen the process of accounting & taxation for all corporate entities, small or large. We make sure your attention is focused on bigger aspects of your business.

We help independent contractors by understanding your business in-depth to improve your income. i-accountant understands the challenges you face and provides a wide array of services to solve them and run your business smoothly.

Our experienced financial reporting team provides accounting and financial reporting advice to non-audit clients on an extensive range of transactions and events. We provide a set of tailor-made finances to our clients.


  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Necessary minutes
  • Periodical cash flow reports

How much time do you spend on bookkeeping or accounting work? We free up your time for more important things like serving your customers and scaling your business.

Outsourcing your accounting to i-accountant means your accounting and tax challenges are sorted. Our simple, effective strategies are guaranteed to work for any sole trader.

A discretionary trust is used for asset protection. Its main goal is to quarantine risk to the trust, whereas a family trust with a corporate trustee provides effective protection. If you are running your business using a trust or planning to set one up, please contact us and one of our trust specialists will look after you.

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